Updated: Apr 7

I recommend for archival prints. I have tested the quality and was pleased. However, they do not offer the variety of merchandise as other PODs. This year, I painted 31 oil paintings in 31 days for the Strada Easel January 2021 Challenge, but they took over a month to dry. With a few of them, I added some final touches…so they are still drying. However, I just uploaded 10 of these paintings to my account. To see them click on the following link:

The description for each tells a little history about why I chose that image. In addition to some of the highest quality prints, offers many other products…so please check them out. And remember that I have an Art Shop on where I sell limited edition prints and some original paintings. Click on the following link:

I am starting to post my images on They are priced better and have significantly more merchandise, but I do not think they match the quality of I will let the customer decide which is most important.

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