Updated: Apr 7, 2021

After seeing many vlog studio tours on YouTube, including my own, I’ve noticed that most studios incorporate an small art cart. Although they have wheels or casters, I’m disappointed that almost all these carts do not have a convenient way of retrieving art supplies. These are inexpensive and cute but not practicable. So I primarily store my art brushes and my large supply of scissors on my cart...small items not grouped in containers are too difficult to retrieve. Since oil painting brushes have longer handles, they are at the top. The second shelf stores a few specialty brushes and tools, and my jar of several pallet knives. My shorter acrylic and watercolor brushes are on the third shelf. Then my scissors and miscellaneous jars and bottles of gesso are on the bottom. I’ll keep my eye open for a more convenient cart with drawers or fold-down sides that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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