Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Join my Facebook Group, "Decorating with Art."

A few days ago, I started a Facebook Group, Decorating with Art. Please submit a request to join this creative group.

Group Description: An inclusive group for artists, collectors, interior designers, crafts persons, and art lovers. Promote your art (including selling). Explain how you created your art. Or talk about what attracted you to purchase a piece of art. Share how and why you placed the art into a particular setting or how you embellished your art...matting, framing, etc. We want to see both interior and exterior art. Invite your friends to join!

This group is a way to involve my friends in showcasing their art and/or decorative possessions integrated into a room’s setting and/or part of an assemblage of related items, e.g., an altar or set out with related curios and other art. Any room of a home can host relevant art, like the kitchen…post a decorative handmade apron, the bedroom…post a scarf and hats hanging handsomely on a hat rack, etc.…adding a painting into the mix is a plus. Members are encouraged to include 3-D art including garden art. Members can also make contacts to sell items.

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