Updated: Apr 7, 2021

1. Use a medium or heavy material. Suggest using inexpensive fabric shower curtains. (Available at Amazon.)

2. Estimate how much fabric or how many curtain panels you will need using the following measurements: pleats=5 1/2 inches apart with pleats 3/4 inches deep (total of 1/1/2 inches for each pleat).

3. Cut off excess fabric (do not cut from top) leaving an extra one inch for hemming sides and bottom.

4. Double fold side and bottom hems by ½ inch (total one inch), ironing and/or pinning the fold.

5. Machine or hand hem the sides and bottom of the cut curtain.

6. Pin the pleats in place.

7. Test placement of the curtains on your storage shelves.

8. Sew the pleats into place by running a sewing machine stitch one inch from the top (or) gather the base of each pleat, looping the thread 3 times tightly and knotting the last loop.

9. Place double-sided heavy duty gel tape along the top of your storage cabinets where you plan to adhere the curtains. Suggested tape: EZlifego Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty (16.5FT/5M) Multipurpose Wall Tape Adhesive Strips Removable Mounting Tape, Strong Sticky Transparent Tape Gel Poster Carpet Tape. (Available at Amazon.)

10. Press the curtains into place over the tape.

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