Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Comadres Artistas de Sacramento: One day in 1992, Irma Barbosa asked her comadre, Simona Hernandez, for support in setting up an exhibit at an Annual Latina Conference in Sacramento at the Radisson Hotel. Simona had a B.A. in Fine Arts so she was familiar with art exhibits. Also, they had collaborated previously on developing art…visiting each other’s homes to paint and draw while their children were young. Simona offered her home as the initial meeting place. The CMA was formed at that meeting, with six Chicana artists plus a facilitator. They were active as an artist collaborative into the 21st Century, including exhibiting as part of the Artistas de Valle in the Stockton area.

To view samples of each of the CMA’s art, please go to and click on the History page. Additionally, CMA art is included in a 2006 major anthology of Mexican-American artists, “Triumph of our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican-American Art.”

Simona Hernandez continues to exhibit her art publicly and posts frequently on social media, e.g., YouTube (Simona’s Fine Arts) and Instagram (paintprintsacramento). Simona’s art can be viewed and purchased through her website and at: and

CMA artists include: Simona Hernandez, Irma Barbosa, Helen Villa, Mareia de Socorro, Helen Villa, Lara Llano, and Carmel Castillo. Lucy Montoya Rhodes was the administrator. Katheryn Garcia exhibited at the first exhibit and Mareia de Socorro exhibited after that. They had occasional guest artists; e.g., Joanne Trujillo and Carmen Hernandez.

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