Updated: May 20, 2021

Day 7 “Candy Corn”

I created a history of each day of my Inktober 2019 challenge. This article documents MY creative choices, and tools and materials used. The purpose is to guide future participants toward success.

Main Idea

Candy corn is a very traditional Halloween candy, and one of my husband’s favorite Halloween treats. With this ink drawing, I wanted to communicate the change in colors with shading. Will most viewers see it as candy corn even without the color? This was a fun project.

Sub Ideas

Why not a candy corn house, with candy corn-shaped windows, garage, car, steppingstones, mailbox, clouds. I wanted another Halloween element and I favor birds, so I added a crow. They like to take things so placed an envelope in its beak. What would be funny? Of course, the Dental Association complaining to Candy Corn.

Materials Used

Canson Bristol vellum paper,100 lb. Sakura Pigma FB permanent (no bleeding) fine point felt tip pen. If you do not keep pressure on pen consistent, thickness and value of line is impacted. Low difficulty.

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