Updated: May 20, 2021

Day 8 “Oak Pattern”

I created a history of each day of my Inktober 2019 challenge. This article documents MY creative choices, and tools and materials used. The purpose is to guide future participants toward success.

Main Idea

I favor oak trees and love their shapes. I wanted to make a pattern then add a wash to it next. I plan to have it printed on a handbag...great look for Autumn.

Sub Ideas

Directly drew around each leaf. I wanted an organic feeling with uniformity. I use a different leaf for the larger leaves; and used the same leaf for the small leaves to provide some uniformity to the design. I also used a coin for the body of the acorn, again for uniformity.

Materials Used

Canson Bristol vellum paper,100 lb. Pilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen, medium nib. Black Noodlers ink. Ink is not waterproof even after dry. Low difficulty.

Day 9 “Oak Pattern” (Wash and Stipple)

Materials Used

I painted ink washes over the Day 8 drawing. I mixed carbon ink with water. I applied these washes with a Princeton # 8 round synthetic sable brush for smaller areas. I controlled the natural bleeding of the ink. Although the drawing surface did not allow me to lighten washes (un-sized paper), it at least was not too spotty when I applied smooth washes. But at times, I let the ink wash puddle to create mild texture. Medium difficulty. To order the final image as a print or on popular products, please visit my Redbubble shop at:

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