Updated: Apr 10, 2021

I started a Facebook Group called, Decorating with Art. This is not only a way to share our art but to document facts the collector wishes to pass on. Of course the name of artist, title of art, and medium are essential. However, photos or video clips are great and other fun and personal information like maybe where you found the art and why you purchased it is great history. All this is facilitated by keeping good documentation (provenance) in files as soon as you get the art home.

Following is an example of a posting that will soon appear in my FB group that documents a small art collection. Actually, this is just part of my full art collection. But documenting small groupings of art at a time lightens the task.


I dedicated one of my extra rooms to a small art gallery honoring women artists. Presently, this is what I have exhibited. (Note: I own a significant amount of artwork by women artists, so this is only a small sampling.)

Meta Bryt (Untitled Room Setting [Mid-Century Style] gouache painting; and Self-Portrait, oil painting. Born in Germany, exhibited in New York, Mexico, Los Angeles, and San Francisco where she passed away in 1981.)

Kathy Dana (“Chocolate Candy”, small acrylic painting. Presently a Sacramento Mid-Town artist. Featured in International Artists Magazine.)

KiKi Oberstenfeld de Suarez (“Mí Perro Y Yo” small limited-edition colored etching. Also, author of book [in background] “Maya and the Town That Loved a Tree.” Lived in Japan and Mexico and had a multi-million-dollar art business marketing her images on various products.)

Patricia “Patris” Miller (“Dress Shop,” oil painting, and “Parking Lot” small oil painting. She is a popular long-time Sacramento art gallery owner of Patris Gallery. She is primarily a plein air artist and art instructor.)

Anna Petranich (Untitled Mexican Woman in profile with layered plains and sky background. Oil painting. Studied at the Pratt Institute of New York. Was member of Marin Society of Artists. Passed away in 2020. Has won awards for her portraiture.)

Unknown artist oil painting of woman with black hair and red top.

Unknow craftswoman (“Wizard of Oz” assemblage. Purchased directly from a woman artist at an arts and crafts fair hosted by the Washington Neighborhood Center in Sacramento 2019?).

A large tote bag with one of my art images (“Oil Painting Brushes,” is hanging the door.)

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