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While there are many print on demand (POD) outlets, I favor the products produced by Fine Arts America (aka Pixels.com). They offer a variety of paper with descriptions, and the printing color is very true to my originals. I don’t know how they do that, but it’s beautiful. The offer a feature where your art is hard to copy…read their FAQs. And the shopper can view portions of your art to see the resolution. Fine Arts America/Pixels.com cost maybe 20% more than competitors, but for me it beats the frustration of dealing with off-color or fuzzy prints.

Wall Art Categories: Pixesl.com has a category of products they call “Wall Art.” This category contains prints on paper, canvas, wood, acrylic, metal, etc. A friend photographer shared with me that he was happy with the metal prints. Ordering: When you order a paper print you can select the type of paper (it defaults to archival). And of course, you can select size. Pixels prints on a paper that is one inch larger all around, so a mat does not hide the full image. The extra border is in addition to the requested size of your print. Also, when you order your print you can select the type of paper (it defaults to archival). On the far right of the paper name, you can click on a plus sign to see more details about the type of paper. In my Pixels account, I provided the option for customers to zoom in on any of my images to check its detail/resolution prior to ordering. Get information about this option at: https://pixels.com/fullresolutionpreview.html. The color saturation on paper prints is excellent. Shipping: Pixels.com has several locations from where they produce and ship products. It took 12 days for the print to arrive from the date ordered. The shipping cost was not really that pricey. The print was mailed in a double box. A flat outer box with the print rolled in a tube inside. Pixels places a protective sheet of paper on the print that is 4 inches longer on each side. They put the print in a thick cardboard tube (stuffing paper on each end of the tube). They then secure the tube in the flat box. Unrolling and Flattening the Print I suggest cutting the tape first before unrolling your print or you may tear the print. The print will need to be flattened, so be ready with a clean sheet of paper to put on top and underneath the print. Place some heavy books on top this for at least a day. Returns: Note that Pixels has a 30-day refund policy…from the date of purchase. Customers must pay return shipping with their own or a Pixels label. Shipping may be forgiven if the customer can prove that the item was damaged before arriving to the customer. Pixels will likely ask the customer to email a photo of the damaged item. I will say that thus far I’ve ordered 5 coffee mugs, one paper print, and a tote bag with no damage. Their refund policy is pretty standard for the industry. But be sure to read the return policy in case it’s changed. As with all PODs, you may not like the refund policy but there are so many other benefits. Gifts: These prints look beautiful on the wall and make great gifts. Note that you can order prints to be delivered to addresses other than your own.

Please share your comments about your experiences with PODs, and view my Pixels shop at: https://pixels.com/art/simona+hernandez

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