Updated: May 20, 2021

Day 1: “Oops!”

I created a history of each day of my Inktober 2019 challenge. This article documents MY creative choices, and tools and materials used. The purpose is to guide future participants toward success.

Main Idea

A few weeks before this artwork I had been wanting to paint a large Halloween theme oil painting to hang over my fireplace mantel. I envisioned children hiding behind things and a large stairwell. This is based on my several grandchildren who over the years love the stairs and playing hide-n-seek. I also know they would love to identify themselves in my painting.

Sub Ideas

Considering that I had 1 day to finish this image on to a 9 x 12-inch tablet, I only drew one girl entering a large living room. Not having much room for a winding stairwell, I added a simple one. I did not want to make it too scary, just my own prejudice. So, I added a rather welcoming adult pumpkin woman. I had room behind the pumpkin lady, so I added two crawling pumpkin children.

The window and blowing curtains gave it movement. I drew broken windowpanes so a bat could fly in. But I lost that detail when I darkened the sky. Of course, I needed a moon, and felt that a crescent moon would not overtake the focus on what was the main story, what was happening in the entry.

I wanted to add interest to the floor, so drew the rug at the entry with a pattern kind of bat like patterns. There was not a lot happening with the walls, thus crawling rats became wallpaper-like. I have seen that mansions with large floor tiles so borrowed that motif. In the foreground of the lower right corner the detail of a spider and web pulls the viewer’s interest back into the picture plane.

I placed an arched entry door for mood and movement. Behind the door a small portion of a waiting to surprise the girl! I of course needed a painting of a deceased relative, Dracula. A half-size entry table was placed under the painting to not crowd the hall. I had just purchased a candelabra and felt it was dramatic and should go into one of my Inktober inkings, so it found its way under Dracula.

Creative Difficulty

It was easy imagining what to draw. Within the United States, Halloween images begin bombarding shoppers and those online as early as August! The only creative part of this was the pumpkin lady, the crawling children, and where I placed my images.

Materials Used

Canson Bristol vellum paper,100 lb. Sakura Pigma FB permanent (no bleeding) fine point felt tip pen. If you do not keep pressure on pen consistent, thickness and value of line is impacted. Low difficulty.

Day 2: “Oops” (Ink Wash Over Drawing)

I added washes over the day 1 drawing for dramatic effect. I could have achieved this with pen lines, but the lack of time necessitated washes. These washes gave “pop” to the image because of the range of values. Note that the black cat was added during this wash stage.

Materials Used

I painted ink washes over the Day 1 original drawing. I mixed carbon ink with water. I applied these washes with a ½ inch dagger stripper brush for larger areas; and a Princeton # 8 round synthetic sable brush for smaller areas. Although the drawing surface did not allow me to lighten washes (un-sized paper), it at least was not too spotty when I applied the washes. Medium difficulty.

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