Days 15 thru 31: “Boo!” Book


This challenge inspired me to create a children’s book with the balance of Inktober’s Challenge days. However, I never finished the book, although I have a strong story idea. I promised myself to complete the book as my project during Inktober 2021.

Developing the cover was fun…the story was a little challenging. However, except for the beginning, I completely changed the story. I developed thumbnail sketches but changed my story for a much better story line. What I have for now is a light pencil drawing that I planned to ink. Instead, it will likely be watercolor with gouache.

For the cover design, I let my imagination wander. The title’s text, Boo!, became the cover art, using some typical Halloween symbols. The witch is my thirteen-year-old granddaughter Maya’s idea. My granddaughter was sitting next to me while I was drawing and suggested a witch’s pot for the bottom of the mark, so of course the top is a witch. Maya is very artistic. I liked her idea and used it. Artists should be open to all ideas.

Main Idea

I wanted the smaller elements in the letters to be scary but not too much. The need for balance dictated where I placed every element in the letters. To avoid a sterile look, wavy lines will outline the final letters. I liked the simple title which allowed me to get playful with the letters without too much clutter. This goal of simplicity, a simple title and uncluttered image, reveals that I prefer direct messages. One learns a lot about themselves when analyzing their own art.

Materials Used

Canson Bristol vellum paper,100 lb. and a 2B pencil.

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