Updated: May 20, 2021

Day 3: “Curandera

I created a history of each day of my Inktober 2019 challenge. This article documents MY creative choices, and tools and materials used. The purpose is to guide future participants toward success.


Witches are a typical Halloween subject. Bruja is the Spanish-language word for a female witch. Some mistakenly use the term bruja for a curandera also called a healer. This may be because curandera’s do not always use natural remedies. They are known for offering herbal cures. But a curandera may also read fortunes with tarot cards and other means, offering advice on love, money, family affairs.

Main Idea

I wanted to romanticize the healer preparing her concoctions.

Sub Ideas

This healer is ready to toss the herb horse tail into a large cooking pot that she is stirring with a wooden paddle. The paddle is decorated in an Aztec motif can motive to add an ethnic look. Knowing about cooking outdoors, I figured that this pot would be held up by a series of bricks (river stone would crack/burst). The escaping flames show action, the brew is cooking. A typical Mexican style apron is worn. Its appliqués are enhanced to set this healer apart from traditional cooks. The healer cultivates her ingredients. The background nopales cactus and foreground Aloe Vera succulent contain nutrition and healing properties. The groundcover of yerba buena (mint) relaxes stomach aches and enhances alertness and has many more applications. And yes, the tin cans contain marijuana…another healing plant that a typical Mexican healer would keep in supply.

Materials Used

Canson Bristol vellum paper,100 lb. Pilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen, medium nib. Black Noodlers ink. Ink is not waterproof even after dry. Low difficulty.

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