Updated: Apr 21, 2021

I needed a medium size easel that was sturdy but not too expensive. Amazon had one with a handy drawer. Also, the easel can be easily lifted and moved around the studio. Plus it’s attractive and holds small to very large paintings. I wipe down my easels so the smell of the paint, mediums, and solvent don’t permeate the wood. So although it had a thin coat of finish already, I painted an extra coat with a quick-drying clear acrylic finish. It had no smell but I needed to watch for drips, runny. The brush cleaned up easily with water. It dried to touch in a few hours. Love the drawer and you can place items on top the drawer like a tray with supplies.

I showcase this easel on my YouTube Channel, Simona’s Fine Arts, specifically in my video “Studio S.O.S.” https://youtu.be/-seaclFjwdk

I purchased the easel on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualified purchases, so if you’re interested please use the following link find the easel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WMSqN1


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