Updated: Apr 21

You can order my Pixels products at: https://pixels.com/art/simona+hernandez When ordering any Pixels product, the customer can edit the image. So when setting up the mug design, the image (depending on its format) can be moved around for minor cropping. The choice of background can be selected by the buyer. If you do not choose a color for outside the image, Pixels will choose one for you. The printing is excellent…great color saturation and resolution! No hard to remove stickers at the bottom...nice shaping.

When ordering, the default mug that comes up is the smaller mug (11 ounces). You can click the drop-down menu to select the larger mug (15 ounces).

Pixels has 12 locations from where they produce and ship products. I ordered a mug that I wanted shipped to another address and no problem…so Pixels products are great for gift-giving. The shipping box (if shipping more than one mug) has extra protection side pockets, but it is hard to open so use a mat cutting knife to avoid breaking mugs by tearing into the box.

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