Updated: Jul 14, 2021

See the image/table for this article to get a summary of drying times for frequently used colors of "no and low" odor oil paints. Includes the following colors: Titanium white, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna. There is a discussion at the end of this article regarding zinc white. Each paint color had a different drying time...even the same color had different drying times between brands. However, all brands and colors tested were dry to the touch within 16 days in warm weather.

NOTE: Drags that it is barely dry to the touch.


There was no loss of texture after 10 days. However, some paints were still wet, and others did not hold texture from the beginning, so they started out with little texture. My YouTube video, link below, shows the texture as it looked out of the tube and after 10 days.

Medium Added to Cobra:

The addition of Cobra’s regular medium (not fast drying) made no difference in accelerating drying times of Cobra’s paints. Remember that thinning the paint with the medium will result in loss of texture. Royal Talens sells a gel for their Cobra paints that would enhance texture but will result in more transparency.

Testing Cobra Zinc White:

Cobra’s zinc paint, when painted thinly, with nothing added to the paint, remained wet. But with the addition of 10 percent of water, it was dry.

Effect of Water on Cobra’s Dried Paints:

Rubbing Cobra’s dried thin paints (both with and without medium) did not run when brushed with a wet soft paint brush.

Check out my YouTube video, “No Smelly Oil Paints”!

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