Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The following is a list of oil painting brush brands that have performed well and survived my continuous painting and cleaning routines. These brushes are not economy-priced but they outperform many cheaper brands. I purchase these brushes usually from Amazon. I included my favorite sizes.

· Silver Brush Limited 1912 Bristlon Dagger Striper Brush for Acrylic and Oil Paintings, Size 1/4 Inch, Long Handle

· Princeton Dakota, Series 6300, Synthetic Hog Bristle All Purpose Paint Brush, Bright, 4

· Escoda Modernista Series 4075 Long Handle Artist Oil & Acrylic Brush, Size 2, Round

· Jack Richeson Grey Matters Synthetic Oil Bright 12. Outdoor artists favor this brush’s dark-colored ferrule to obscure light reflections. Also, the brush hairs keep their shape.

· Raphael Paris Classic Hog 3572 Long Filbert size 10 and a size 4 are still in the mail after several weeks. Amazon and other sellers can’t seem to keep these in stock. Raphaël developed the Paris Classic for the Impressionists. An authentic piece of 19th-century art history, it has a traditional varnished copper ferrule. Raphaël is the oldest fine art brush maker in Europe.

· Robert Simmons brand is priced reasonably. The tips hold up well, but the lacquer is more susceptible to falling apart than on my other brush handles.

Rosemary and Company brushes are extremely popular with artists but only sold through Rosemary & Company in England. They sell many types of artist brushes which are medium-priced. https://www.rosemaryandco.com

Cleaning Process:

If I need a very pure color, I’ll clean my brush in walnut oil or solvent. Usually, I will have several painting sessions where I just clean my brushes with mineral oil then wash them using a strong dish liquid like Dawn. After wiping them dry, I’ll lay them down to drain so any remaining liquid runs out of the ferrule. I will swish my brushes in solvent maybe once a month if I've been using them a lot. Then I’ll air dry them outside for a few days. Brushes should be completely dry before use or the bristles will not be springy.

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