Updated: Apr 21, 2021

  1. I created a new business Facebook business page (Simona's Fine Arts) and connected it to my Instagram account (Simona Ann Hernandez) to easily reach the art loving community! Pictured is the new banner for my FB page. (I must go into my Instagram page to add tags...usually as a comment.)

  2. I paste my intro blog information and images into these accounts. Then, I ask readers to link to my blog for the full article. (The aim is to have readers see my art for sale on my website.)

  3. Next I will use the categories from my blogs to create Pinterest "boards."

  4. Then I will create "pins" for each blog.

  5. Following that, I will paste my YouTube videos into my blogs.

  6. Then I will create pins for each of them video. (The aim here is to get views and subscribers for my YouTube Channel.)

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