There are certainly some positive and negative outcomes when one participates in a daily painting challenge. The purpose is to encourage artists to produce more art daily by posting their daily completed artwork on social media. It also promotes the sponsor. There are some painting challenges where you paint from life only for a month. Also, there are challenges where you draw or paint every day for a year, plus many others like Inktober where one produces Halloween- or Autumn-themed artwork daily in the month of October. I have participated in two month-long daily painting challenges. In my case, one rule was that I paint or draw from life. The following lists the positives and negatives of these challenges:


1. You may be able to win a prize in a drawing if you complete the challenge.

2. You will test how far your creativity will take you. Although, I have seen where artists work with a theme. Does this challenge creativity? Perhaps, depends.

3. You will find ways to draw and paint faster and improve your skills in the process.

4. You may find yourself emboldened to create art in public. I took my watercolor supplies to a thrift store where I painted a display of hats.

5. You may be motivated to create a self-portrait. I have only done this four times in my life, two of them during a painting challenge.

6. You may be motivated to organize your studio and art supplies. I advise that you to do this in advance.

7. You will use up old art supplies.

8. You will see a style start emerging but only a style for short-term work based on the rules, i.e., painting from life, seasonal images, etc.

9. You will find yourself studying some techniques that you ordinarily would not have researched.

10. You may find yourself improving your choice of art mediums to something that causes less or no odors (and is hopefully less or non-toxic). This is because you will find your workspace filled with many paintings and fumes if you do not change.

11. You may attract new customers with your art and make sales. I learned that viewers wanted me to exhibit my daily art, which I did a few months after the challenge and made significant sales. Some viewers offered to purchase art as soon as it was posted. And others asked me to create commissioned art.

12. If you faithfully execute daily artwork, you will produce many pieces. This is a primary reason why both novices and professional artists participate in these challenges. I produced original paintings for exhibits and to sell on my online art shop: https://www.simonasfinearts.com/shop I additionally posted images on my print-on-demand shops at: https://pixels.com/profiles/simona-hernandez/shop and https://www.redbubble.com/people/simonasfinearts/shop

13. You will create more art for an art exhibit you may have already planned. I was planning on exhibiting at a local artist studio tour a few months after the challenge.

14. You will enjoy sharing your new art with family and friends, and make new friends who enjoy your art. I learned that many viewers looked forward to seeing what I painted daily.

15. Your spouse/partner may agree to cook and do all indoor and outdoor tasks. It was winter during both of my challenges, so there were no outdoor tasks. However, my husband did handle most of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning tasks…and I was so thankful!

Cons :

1. You may need to forgo many social engagements during the challenge.

2. You may need to reschedule appointments during this period.

3. If you do not use low odor or odor- free (and hopefully toxic-free) materials to paint with, you will likely feel ill. I give materials information about odor-free and toxic-free painting in my following YouTube video: https://youtu.be/S98D0o0RnGI

4. You may alienate your existing art customers if you start painting subjects other than what you usually paint. This may pose a problem for future purchases from these customers if you totally change your subjects and style. Therefore, these challenges may show you testing new subjects, styles, and mediums in a public forum.

5. Your art may not appeal to many viewers. This is not a reason to discourage you from producing art, however, it is a reality. But hopefully you will at least learn from this experience. Sometimes viewers (many of them with art experience) will give advice on how one should correct or enhance a painting.

6. You will find yourself painting subjects that you ordinarily would not paint because of the time crunch. They still may sell or you can gift them to family and friends.

7. You may need to paint in the car if you find that the weather is too cold to paint a landscape outdoors. I created a YouTube video that provides useful information on how to paint in your car: https://youtu.be/S98D0o0RnGI

8. Because of the time crunch, you may need to purchase items that you ordinarily would make, e.g., painting panels. Plus you may need to order items using expensive rush delivery.

9. You will need to take shortcuts, i.e., when painting backgrounds. A quick blocked out background may not be the best choice.

10. There will be a need after the challenge to correct much of your artwork. You may need to scrape out some paint before it dries. Note that you can correct some painting mistakes after the paint has dried. See my YouTube video titled, “Remove Oil Paint from Acrylic Gesso on Canvas.” You can click on the link below to see the process on video: https://youtu.be/361Ul_pK4sA

Please visit my YouTube Channel, Simona’s Fine Arts for painting tips: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=simonas+fine+arts )

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