Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Even with community health restrictions, several of the following options are available to view and purchase fine art. If you know the artist in which you are interested, you can check if they maintain a website with a contact page so you can email them. Or perhaps they are “Public” on Facebook or have an Instagram account so you can message them. As you will see from this list, fine art can be easily located and purchased:

1. Online. Some artists maintain an online art shop on their website. (See my shop at: https://www.simonasfinearts.com/shop ) If the artist is on Facebook or Instagram, you may be able to message the artist. Many artists now also use Zoom, Facetime, YouTube streaming, etc. to discuss and show their art.

2. Art fairs. These can be both outdoors and indoors. Check out local newspapers for upcoming events. I publish my upcoming exhibits in my neighborhood newspaper.

3. Community art studio tours. During the pandemic in my community, artists have exhibited outdoors at their studio location, while social distancing. In other times, these exhibits have been indoors and outdoors at the artist’s public or home studio.

4. Visit the artist’s studio. Some studios have regular business hours. But most artists show art only if arrangements are made in advance. Some artists have private exhibits…so get on their mailing list for notification.

5. Check out print-on-demand (POD) vendors. Some even sell original art like Pixels.com. They have excellent fine art prints. (See my shop at: https://pixels.com/profiles/simona-hernandez/shop ) Or purchase products with the artist images online from shops like Redbubble. (See my shop at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/simonasfinearts/shop )

6. Art galleries. Some of these galleries have put their exhibits online on YouTube. Check with the gallery to see when they plan to steam their next exhibit.

7. Art auctions. These are on Zoom, television, etc., or (if safe) in person at scheduled events.

8. Antique shops, Estate Sales, Garage Sales. Higher quality shops have fine art available that is being resold...called "Pre Owned Art". However, you will need to know how to identify issues with the art and should obtain certificates of authenticity and other provenance, in addition to a receipt.

9. Restaurants, hair salons, etc. Many of the establishments regularly exhibit art. I personally would ask to speak to the artist about the art before any purchases.

During the pandemic, I have sold art in person in my backyard patio area with the customer and myself wearing masks and the art displayed on a table that was a safe distance from us both. Payment was cash and I gave a receipt. The buyers contacted me via my Facebook messenger and via my email on my website “Contacts” page: https://www.simonasfinearts.com/contact .

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