The following list of reasons why an artist would want to write a blog. Before starting your blog, it is essential to know the reason and your intended audience. Stay clear of writing too much about yourself, although it is desirable to have a few blogs about your background and interesting stories about your involvement in creating art.

1. Motivate to create. Since you have committed to writing regular articles for your blog, it follows that you will catch up on old art projects and start new ones. You will want to do this so that you will have images to post and incidents to explore.

2. Inspire new approaches. As you research and think about what you wish to write in your blog, the inspiration to experiment with different techniques and ideas for art subjects will occur. (Tip: You will want to have a way to make notes about ideas for your blog that occur to you as you create art.)

3. Improve your skills. Since you will be creating more art, you will naturally improve your art skills.

4. Increase your knowledge. As you research information for your blog, you will obtain knowledge about the art market, techniques, etc.

5. Advance your career. If your blog gets seen by the right people, for instance podcasters and art curators, you significantly increase your chances of being invited to interviews, exhibits, etc. Also, your blog may be showcased in other blogs.

6. Produce income. A major goal of a blog is to make sales. Within each blog article, try to include a link to your art shop and print-on-demand site.

7. Document the art you create. It is a good idea to write about how you became an artist. Your inspiration for a particular artwork or style will be important here. In fact, it is important to note whether you sell a particular artwork to a celebrity, business, or museum. This is important provenance for your art collectors.

8. Document the art you collect. You can also create provenance here for your own art collection. For instance, discuss artwork that you purchased if there is something noteworthy you want to share. Maybe you are collecting art from a group of artists and wish to discuss your latest find. Or a sculpture you secured was made with an interesting technique.

9. Document techniques and materials. As you select ideas for your blog it is good to document both old and new techniques as a reference for yourself and readers. For instance, write about the brands of paint you use them: source, cost, merits, etc.

10. Create a book. If you are committed to writing a blog, it should not take long before you have sufficient material to publish a book. This can be a digital or print-on-demand book if you are on a budget. It is also the wise thing to do for a new writer, i.e., testing the waters.

11. Help emerging artists. Those thinking about learning how to create art, and perhaps starting an art career can benefit greatly from your blog.

12. Help art collectors. Both inexperienced and experienced art collectors can benefit from your blog. If you feel you have the experience to do so, you can write articles related to collecting art in your blog.

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